The Far North expedition: Spitsbergen circumnavigation 01.09 – 16.09.2024

Date: September 01 – September 16, 2024
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Cost includes:
• Berth and accommodation in a 2-person cabin
• Sailing on the expedition yacht
• Captain's supervision and basic training
• Yacht insurance, search and rescue (SAR) insurance, personal accident insurance
• PPP (provisions, fuel, port fees, gas, water)
• Rental of weapons

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Cost does not include:
• Airfare to and from Longyearbyen
• Transport to the yacht
• Personal expenses

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Longyearbyen - Kongsfjorden – Ny Alesund- The Far North to the edge of the ice - Hinlopenstretet -Barentsøya – Freemannsundet – Storfjorden – Hornsund - Isfjorden- Longyearbyen

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Proponowane loty

Skąd Dokąd Data odlotu Godziny Cena Przewoźnik
Tromso Longyearbyen 01.09.2024 1210-1350 425zł SAS
Tromso Longyearbyen 01.09.2024 1030-1210 425zł Norwegian
Oslo Longyearbyen 01.09.2024 0745-1210 381zł Norwegian
Oslo Longyearbyen 01.09.2024 0940-1350 437zł SAS
Longyearbyen Oslo 16.09.2024 1655-1950 515zł SAS
Longyearbyen Oslo 16.09.2024 1215-1635 626zł Norwegian
Longyearbyen Tromso 16.09.2024 1215-1350 497zł Norwegian
Tromso -> Longyearbyen
01.09.2024, godz. 1210-1350
Cena: 425zł
Przewoźnik: SAS
Tromso -> Longyearbyen
01.09.2024, godz. 1030-1210
Cena: 425zł
Przewoźnik: Norwegian
Oslo -> Longyearbyen
01.09.2024, godz. 0745-1210
Cena: 381zł
Przewoźnik: Norwegian
Oslo -> Longyearbyen
01.09.2024, godz. 0940-1350
Cena: 437zł
Przewoźnik: SAS
Longyearbyen -> Oslo
16.09.2024, godz. 1655-1950
Cena: 515zł
Przewoźnik: SAS
Longyearbyen -> Oslo
16.09.2024, godz. 1215-1635
Cena: 626zł
Przewoźnik: Norwegian
Longyearbyen -> Tromso
16.09.2024, godz. 1215-1350
Cena: 497zł
Przewoźnik: Norwegian

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The Far North expedition: Spitsbergen circumnavigation 01.09 – 16.09.2024

Want to prove yourself? Testg your skills? Character? Endurance?

“By Endurance We Conquer”. Since you’re here, you must have already heard the words of the commander of the Trans-Antarctic Expedition, Ernest Shackleton.

We sail to immerse ourselves in nature in its purest form. To the edge of the ice. Towards Solitude. Towards Silence. Wilderness. Purity. Towards the proximity of the North Pole. Or at least as close as possible…

Why all this? The answer will always be different. Perhaps, as the King of Rain wrote, the universe closed within us calls for space to act. It demands its participation with a mighty voice.
So, we sail to confirm our existence, to slow down, to experience catharsis. To do something for ourselves. To understand Wilderness. The Wild. To be in a place where perhaps NO ONE has been, or at least has not left their traces.

There are no ports on the route, with anchorages on the windward side of the islands as the only shelter. In the waters of the Far North, Risk is an inherent companion – the captain’s ability to assess it guarantees safety.


We encourage you to undergo a full medical examination, which we will inform you about during the organization time of the expedition, visiting the dentist, and taking care of your physical condition. This will ensure better safety, comfort, and joy of sailing without unforeseen troubles.


By Endurance We Conquer…

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